Roush Customs

Roush Custom Ford Vehicles at Midland’s Bourgeois Motors

Although your Ford vehicle is already equipped with some serious performance power, Bourgeois Motors Ford is proud to be home to the equipment that’ll take your Ford’s performance even further—thanks to aftermarket parts courtesy of the legendary Roush Performance! 

From (barely) street-legal Mustangs and F-150s, to track vehicles, Roush Performance is the premier name when it comes to aftermarket performance parts, vehicles, and crate engines catered specifically for Ford vehicles! So read on, and learn more about how you can find the Roush Performance aftermarket parts that’ll take your Ford vehicle to the next level in Midland, Ontario, only at Bourgeois Motors!

What is Roush Performance? 

With over 20 years of history, Roush Performance is the brainchild of Jack Roush, an innovator in the automotive field that still personally oversees and approves the designs and ideas that bear the Roush name. Officially founded in 1995, the Roush Performance company has over 40 (unofficial) years under its belt; in that time, they’ve added and tweaked parts to offer unparalleled performance upgrades to just about any Ford you can imagine. Not only that, but they even offer something called Roush CleanTech—a system that converts school bus engines to propane autogas engines, both saving money and lowering the environmental impact of the bus!

Why Choose Roush?

Besides specializing in performance parts for Ford vehicles, Roush Performance is a vehicle “Manufacturer of Record.” This means that the company will actually modify a vehicle to the point where it is no longer considered a Ford, but rather a Roush Performance vehicle. That means it carries a Roush factory warranty comparable to the one Ford offers—so you can rest assured that your Roush vehicle isn’t just a work of automotive art, but it’ll be covered in the case of any issues.

Of course, not all vehicles can be so lucky as to get the complete Roush Performance treatment. However, the company does stand behind their work and, as a partner with Ford, offers warranties that will actually continue your factory warranty. Such is the case with the most popular Roush Performance product on the market, an aftermarket supercharger simply known as the ROUSHcharger.

Roush Performance Products at Bourgeois Motors Ford

If you’re looking to take your Ford vehicle to the next level in terms of performance, we offer an amazing selection of Roush Performance parts at our dealership—and if it isn’t in stock, we’ll happily order it for you—including, but not limited to:

  • Cold air intakes
  • Body kits
  • spoilers
  • Shifters
  • Pedals
  • Wheels 
  • graphics
  • Gauges
  • Floor mats
  • superchargers
  • Exhaust systems
  • Drivetrains
  • Power packs
  • Front grilles
  • Suspension kits
  • Brakes
  • Spark plugs
  • lighting

If you want to take your Mustang, F-150, Super Duty, or other Ford vehicle to the next level, simply contact us and ask about the selection of Roush Performance aftermarket parts available at Midland’s Bourgeois Motors!