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Take advantage of current Ford of Canada incentive offers at your local Ford dealer, Bourgeois Motors Ford!


Calling all first time buyers & new grads!

First time buyers can now get up to $500 downpayment or rebate cheque on Focus and Fiesta models.62

New grads can get a $500 bonus on Focus and Fiesta models.63
* Must have graduated or be graduating within next 4 months from a university, college, military, or police academy. Other conditions apply. See Ford.ca for full details.

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Some conditions may apply. Valid at participating dealerships only.


At Bourgeois Motors, we're serious about tires. Don't wait for the snow to fly or you'll be too late! Our Winter Safety Packages are available year round.

Plus we offer seasonal tire storage right on site! Inquire today.

DID YOU KNOW? Winter tires are designed to help improve traction and control at temperatures below 7C. Tires are made form various rubber compounds, which respond differently depending on temperature - that's why the advantages of winter tires begin even before the temperature hits the freezing mark.

As the temperature falls, the rubber in summer and all-season tires begins to lose the flexibility to grip the road, which can result in reduced braking, acceleration and handling.

Winter tires do the opposite - as the temperature drops below 7C, the softer rubber compounds in winter tires help grip road surfaces, thus increasing traction and control and your chances of having a stress-free drive.

Watch for falling temperatures, not just falling snow!